Through The Wire

Put 1000 of Australia’s most committed activists at the gates of the most notorious Australian refugee
prison and leave the cops in the pub and something is bound to happen. Through The Wire proves
that razor wire is no match for the will to be free.

Duration - 9:40, DVD PAL / NTSC

Camera/editing - Pip Starr
Technical/audio - Bill Runting
Voiceover - "Moopsie"
Original music - Mark Daniel


Fire & Water

Rockhopper's first major production. We went to 'Roxstop', the first major anti-uranium protest in the current era of protests. ROXSTOP was organised to protest the expansion of what was already the world's largest uranium mine. Video contains information on landrights, the Arabunna and Kokotha people, uranium mining, the Roxby Action Collective, radioactive leaks and much more.

Duration - 30 mins, VHS PAL

Direction camera and Editing - Pip Starr
Technical direction and Audio - Bill Runting.





The CERES Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival

CERES, community environment park in Brunswick, suburban Melbourne, has commissioned Rockhopper to make 2 videos for them, the 1998 and the 2000 Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festivals. The Kingfisher Festival is a major community celebration of how the Kingfisher came to return to the Merri Creek, following the revegetation work of hundreds of volunteers. These stories tell the history of CERES, and the role it plays in the community, including education schools, at the park and much more.

Duration - 2 x 11 minute stories on one tape, VHS PAL

Direction, camera and editing - Pip Starr
Technical direction and Audio - Bill Runting




Fight For Country - the story of the Jabiluka Blockade

Rockhopper's biggest production to date, Fight For Country took 4years and 4 weeks to complete. It tells the story of one of Australia's largest ever land rights and environmental campaigns, the fight to stop the building of a second uranium mine within Kakadu National Park. Made with the cooperation of the Mirrar aboriginal clan, the owners of the land on which Jabiluka is proposed to be built.

Includes a 12 minute animation of the nuclear fuel cycle with archival footage from Chernobyl, Chelyabinsk, Sellafield and others. Features some very funky animations made by Fishfeet Designs.

Duration - 62 mins, VHS PAL / NTSC

Writer/director/camera/editor Pip Starr
Producer/Technical Direction/ Audio - Bill Runting
Animations - Dermot Egan, Fishfeet Designs.



The above videos may be purchased by direct request to RHP


Violence Is Violence

In 1998 a couple of thousand people swarmed onto one of Sydney's busiest roads, the Eastern Distributor, to protest Sydney's ever expanding traffic nightmare. Made with Radical Transmission Syndicate in Sydney, VisV is the story of one of Sydney's largest and most militant Reclaim the Streets actions. A short version of Violence is Violence was broadcast on the UK's Channel 4 in 2001, as part of the Alt-World programme.

Duration - 17 mins

Produced by Michelle Thomas and Pip Starr
Camera and editing - Pip Starr

Violence is Violence is available on 'The Best Of Access News, Volume 1' compilation tape, available from SKA TV




Watch The Gap

Ten minute doco about a mob of aliens arriving at Pine Gap, a US spy base in central Australia, to demand the return of their stolen space ship.

Also looks at the history of Pine Gap and how it is used to spy on private citizens in Australians in other places.

Duration - 10 mins

Camera and editing - Pip Starr and Sam Hoffman
Technical assistance - Bill Runting

Also available on 'The Best Of Access News, Volume 1' compilation tape, available from SKA TV