July 1, 2006: After 10 years together as Rockhopper Productions, Pip Starr and Bill Runting are diverging to follow different interests. Pip has set up Pip Starr Pictures, and together with past Rockhopper work is producing new documentaries, the latest of which is The Okapa Connection, a story about Fair Trade and Organic coffee in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Bill is expanding his broadcast radio technical services with the supply and support of a studio audio playout software package, Hardata Dinesat Radio, under the banner of Waratel Communications. Inevitably we will collaborate to varying degrees in the future.


Through The Wire (aka Down The Wire) (9' 40") was completed in 2004 and screened at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in July that year, along with Persons Of Interest, (The Documentary Campaign) and subsequently screened for a short season at the Village Cinema, New York City, also with Persons Of Interest.

Web resolution versions of Through the Wire may be viewed at

Rockhopper Productions is proud to have Fight For Country screened as part of the REAL: life on film festival during May 2002 in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide.


Violence Is Violence (aka Reclaiming Sydney's Streets)

RHP is proud to be associated with the launch of ALT-World, a production of Channel 4 in the UK. Screened August 31st, 2001.

This exciting new program and companion website included a condensed version of a 17 minute piece "Violence Is Violence" made by us in conjunction with Radical Transmission Syndicate in Sydney, plus plenty of other interesting stuff. In this form it is called "Reclaiming Sydney's Streets".


The CERES Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival - 1998 & 2000

RHP has produced for CERES (The Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies), located in downtown Brunswick in Melbourne, a double-header video giving the story and highlights of the 1998 and 2000 Kingfisher Festivals. The 11-minute 2000 video featured in the 2001 Wildspaces Film Festival, around Australia.

This video is available for purchase from CERES or RHP